Got Hacked??

Is your website hacked? Or having trouble with website security?

You can acquire us to serve you. We provide Website Penetration Testing Service. This is basically a black box testing, in which we will test your website for security issues and send you an Organised Report containing all vulnerabilities description and its mitigation.

We have team of experts who will test your web application. Our experts have got listed in many security hall of fames including Blackberry, Ebay, Paypal, Shopify, AT&T etc.

Pay Per Bug

We run a policy of Pay Per Bug, So you have to pay only if valid security issues are found. There is no service or hidden charges.

Organised Report

We provide an organised report after testing which contains the whole description of security issue and its mitigation.

Manual Testing

We don't really rely on Tools or Software, these are useless for us. All testing will be made manual by our security researchers.

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